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An independent insurance broker in Fairfield County, Connecticut, we help you figure out the best balance of protection and cost for your business and personal needs.  We represent our customers for the best coverage by selecting from various insurers after a personalized  analysis of the risks and needs.  We can help protect your hard-won assets, your current lifestyle, and help plan for the future.  

Protecting Your Future

To analyze what you need, call us today.  The future can be unpredictable but you can protect yourself through various coverages.

General Liability

Professional Liability

Commercial Building & Property

Workers Compensation & Employer Liability

Employment Practices

Liquor Liability

Small Businessowner Policy

Cyber Security Insurance

Personal Home & Auto

Life Insurance & Annuities

Asset Protection

Estate Planning & Business Succession

Protecting Your Assets

 We believe in selling this ingenious human invention called insurance.  As a backstop for calamities and losses, insurance is highly beneficial for returning to normal, recovering from losses, repairing the damage, healing the body.  We can help you retain control over your businesses and  your personal matters by protecting against negative cash flow or irreparable harm due to a loss or wrongful actions alleged by other parties. 

Why You Should Call Arktouros

Business & Professional Coverage

  • General Liability.  Protecting against claims or lawsuits filed against your business because of alleged property damage and/or negligence is a good reason for this coverage.  However, do you understand how all the types of General Liability exposures interact with your operations?  For example, if you are a construction company, have you covered for the constantly shifting groups of people during any given project--owner(s), lessee(s), subcontractor(s), lender(s)?  Do you need an umbrella policy?  Call Arktouros to find out and discuss any other questions you may have.

  • Professional Liability & Other Specialty Insurance.  Different professions amount to different forms of risk in the eyes of insurers; generally your risk profile reflects your specialized work activities and public responsibilities.  In the medical profession, specialization and the complexity of your activities, whether you choose a "claims-made" or "occurrence-made" policy, are factored into the premium price.  The same rationale applies to businesses with non-office operations such as drycleaners, garages & automotive servicing.  Arktouros brokers have worked in the legal profession, we can guide you through the details of buying Specialty policies: Errors & Omissions, Malpractice, Directors & Officers, Employment Practices, Liquor.

  • Commercial Building & Property.  Understating the value of a building and/or business property could whipsaw against the policyholder who files an insurance claim.  The claims payment could be reduced in direct proportion to the difference between the lesser value stated on the policy versus the loss value.  Call Arktouros for a comprehensive review of your activities, operations, business assets so you can purchase the proper amount of insurance that covers your risk.

  • Workers' Compensation & Employer Liability.  One of the hallmarks of American civilization is worker's compensation; a compulsory insurance to provide benefits, such as paid medical expenses, to labor injured while at work, it also protects the employer against lawsuits filed by the injured worker.  Employer liability protects against other claims/lawsuits filed as a result of the worker's injuries.  If your business relies on contracted workers, hires out employees to other businesses, or acts as an employment agent, call Arktouros to discuss if you are required to participate in Workers' Compensation.  Penalties and fines can be stiff and onerous.

  • ​Small Businessowner Policies.  You are opening a new business and must ramp up operations with lightning speed to generate cash flow.   The packaged Businessowner Policy is an expedient product, but will it be sufficient as your operations gain speed, you get A/R and A/P cycles in place, and your business inventory starts growing.  What if you have a new restaurant that's finally obtained the liquor license?  Arktouros can review your present and future needs for a structured approach to buying insurance.

  • Cyber Security.  You have a customer-friendly business, so you cannot operate without your digital customer management system that captures the customers' private and/or financial information.  A security breach can make you liable for compensating your customers who are victims of identity theft.  A breakdown of your computer system interrupts the normal course of business, then revenue drops.  Call Arktouros to discuss your particular scenario requiring cyber security insurance and how it may interacts or not with the primary commercial coverage.

Personal Home & Auto, Life Insurance

  • Personal Home & Auto.   Your residential mortgage loan and the motor vehicle regulations require that you purchase insurance.  Oftentimes, insurers will provide discounts if you bundle Home & Auto together.  Sometimes, discounts are offered if you also request commercial insurance.  If you run a business from your home or must use your personal auto regularly for business purposes, do you know if your personal insurance will cover for losses or claims due to business activities?  Find out by calling Arktouros for a comprehensive review of both personal and business needs.

  • Life Insurance.  All types of Life Insurance protect against losses due to death; how much of a death benefit paid out depends upon the type of  policy you purchase, but a life insurance policy is a form of estate planning.  Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Universal Life have built-in features for accumulating cash values that you may draw upon in the form of loans, partial surrenders or withdrawals; and there are hybrid policies to choose from.  Life Insurance is also useful for business succession plans and even required for certain business loans, such as protecting against credit default when the sole proprietor dies.  Call Arktouros to discuss the different types of policies and how to have a structured approach towards estate planning or business ventures.

  • Annuities.   A large sum of money divided into smaller sums of money regularly distributed over time, annuities protect against the costs of living longer.  Commonly associated with retirement planning, annuities can be useful in a structured plan for future income or cash flow streams.  Potentially adverse tax consequences can happen due to the distribution of monies and/or the timing of premiums paid into an annuity policy.   Annuities may also have a death benefit paid to another beneficiary other than the deceased recipient of annuity payments.  Call Arktouros to understand the key features of Life and Annuity policies so you can better plan the future for yourself and/or an important person in your life.


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Members of Arktouros Insurance Llc are Jonathan Bello, who practiced in New York State in Personal Injury and Real Estate law, and Ling Bello, who was a litigation paralegal before administering and managing operations of a Fortune 50 corporate headquarter's Environmental Risk Program.

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